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“ Working hand in hand with Real Estate Professionals"

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) is a real estate professional who manages all the paperwork and deadlines involved in a real estate transaction. They’re trained in every step of the selling process and tasked with monitoring progress from the time the seller accepts an offer through the steps involved in close of escrow.

The primary role of the Transaction Coordinator (TC) is to ensure a smooth transaction of all client deals from contract to closing. Working closely with all parties in each transaction, they assist in providing useful & detailed information and action plans, process contractual documents and disclosures, and watch deadlines.

                              Services may include: 

  • Open escrow once the contract is fully executed and offer has been accepted

  • Send contract to lender and co-op agent/Transaction Coordinator (TC)

  • Handling the paper work on the Real Estate side of the transaction according to the broker’s checklist and the contract to be in compliance

  • Send an introduction letter to the clients, escrow and the co-op agent/Transaction Coordinator (TC)

  • Prepare disclosures ahead of time when agents have a listing and send them to the sellers on behalf of the agent

  • I am paperless so I will use the electronic signatures in order to get clients signatures on the disclosures, if they wish to

  • Order NHD & Home warranty according to the contract

  • Stay in close contact with escrow, lender and clients during the entire transaction to make sure all the time frames are respected

  • Notify agents of the upcoming contingencies removal

  • Upload & submit files into the broker’s specific transaction program

One (1) Sided Transaction  $495.00

Dual (2) Sided Transaction  $750.00

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